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About Hospice and the Volunteer Program

What is Hospice?

Hospice is an interdisciplinary program of care that provides relief from symptoms as well as emotional, social, and spiritual support to people at the end of their lives.

Hospice care emphasizes enhancing the quality of life and preserving a sense of dignity.

Hospice is family-centered care and provides support for the entire family. 

What Kind of Care Does Hospice Offer?

A variety of hospice services are available through CHANS Home Health & Hospice Program. CHANS Home Health & Hospice is a Medicare-certified Hospice provider with specially trained Hospice professionals who are medically supervised by the patient's primary care doctor and the CHANS Medical Director, Dr. Carl Demars.

The Hospice Volunteer Program provides free, non-medical support to patients, to their family, and to community members at large, through a variety of one-on-one in home supports as well as grief and bereavement groups for all. Trained Volunteers provide companionship, respite, transportation, and support for patients and their families.  

Resource Center
Support Groups
Trained Volunteers to provide companionship, respite, transportation and support. 

The Mission of the Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers provides caring, supportive, nonmedical services to individuals, families and community organizations coping with dying and grief, as well as education and dialogue within the community about end-of-life issues.


The Philosophy of Care as Provided by Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Volunteers believe that, just as choice is important in the way we live, it is also important in the way we die. Hospice is a resource and advocate for spiritual, philosophical and practical choices for the dying and their families. Hospice began as a volunteer movement. Volunteers continue to be the heart and soul of Hospice. Our focus is family care, bereavement and community education.

We believe that death is a part of the natural process of living. We focus on maintaining the quality of life, neither hastening nor postponing death.

We recognize the right of the dying and their loved ones to make informed choices and to have those choices honored, preserving their personal dignity throughout the dying process.

We recognize that the primary caregivers need as much support as does the dying person.

We believe the interdisciplinary team approach to Hospice care, including the support of Hospice-trained Volunteers, provides the most comprehensive care for the dying and their families.

We honor the premise that grief, loss and bereavement are an integral part of the dying process extending beyond the death of the client.

We believe in active, ongoing palliative care, recognizing the physical, psychological, emotion and spiritual needs of the Hospice family.

We are dedicated to being a voice in the community about dying and grieving.

We are committed to serving without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or economic status.



The Hospice Volunteer Program started as the Bath-Brunswick Hospice in 1979. It began as a grass roots effort by a group of dedicated volunteers who offered assistance to families caring for a dying member at home. The agency was originally housed at First Parish Church. When the agency moved to the Parkview Professional Building in 1993, the name was changed to Hospice Volunteers of Mid-Coast Maine.

In 1995, Hospice Volunteers consulted a newly published three-year study by the Coalition for Dialogue on Death and Dying, and took the findings to heart. The study concluded that many people need a "place" where people could go for information about death and dying, grief and loss. Thus , a capital campaign was launched, and Hospice Volunteers eventually funded, built, and moved to a new building of its' own on 45 Baribeau Drive in February 2000. The building was called "The Center for Grief and Loss," and proudly added this to our name.

In 2010, the Hospice Volunteers of Mid-Coast Maine: Center for Grief and Loss, merged with their long-term partners in Hospice care CHANS Home Health & Hospice. Now known as the Hospice Care Program under CHANS Home Health & Hospice, all of the hospice services are housed in the 45 Baribeau Drive in what we now call the Hospice Building.

Snow policy: If the Brunswick schools are closed, the Hospice Center is closed and all programs are cancelled
All services provided by our volunteers and coordinator, including home visits and consultations are free. We appreciate, and use, contributions and memorial donations from individuals, towns, and businesses to support the free services that we provide.